Tuesday, February 8, 2011

1 + 1 + 1 = 3


It's what she's been talking about for weeks. Months even.

"In Feberry I'm having a pink cake with pink candles for my just tha-lee birthday". (Did you know that "3" is spoken with an "L"? Well it is.)

And my staying up until 1am last night to decorate (pink streamers, pink balloons) and ice a cake (pink icing, pink candy) was so worth it, when I came home from my morning walk with Gus to Hadassah sitting in the living room, beside her favorite balloon, exclaiming "Look mom, it's my birthday!" And worth it to see her happy smile when I told her that today was the day we'd sing "Happy Birthday to Hadassah", and the day she could blow out her pink candles.

A couple of friends, a set of grandparents, some pink birthday candy, and this was one happy girl. (except when she had the idea that her friends might take home her favorite balloon...that was not a happy moment).

Oh how time goes by. God has graciously given her to us for three years already and has kept her safe and healthy and made her one of our greatest earthly joys. We are so thankful. I become more and more intent on enjoying the precious days that slip by so fast.

Happy Birthday to the girl who kisses me frequently when it's time to change out of and into her pj's. To the girl who squeaks as she runs. To the girl who rarely says "Thanks, mom" without an accompanying hug. To the girl who eats soooo slowly lately. To the girl who can't eat fast because she's using that active imagination of hers while she's sitting at the table. To the girl who loves to sing "You are my Sunshine". To the girl who melts her daddy's heart at least 17 times a day.

Happy Birthday to Hadassah.


  1. Happy Birthday Hadassah! I hope you had a great day! Your cake looks super yummy! Love the pink and candies:)

  2. quite an impressive looking cake there!

  3. Happy Birthday Hadassah! Beautiful cake (and girl)!! :O)

  4. Such a sweet post! And I love the cake, it's beautiful!

  5. Such adorable pictures! She's looking so grown up. Good job on the cake and decorations! Miss you guys!



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