Monday, March 28, 2011

The Flake

Good evening friends!

I'm steering you over to Femina this evening for a post that one of their readers perfectly described as a "wonderful pep talk". It's about being a flake. When someone sweetly reminded me on Sunday morning about a book they had loaned me, I thought of this post and did a mad dash around the house, determined to return any and all borrowed items. Sunday afternoon found me bringing a bag full of things to church which I needed to return to people...and eager to find methods of becoming less scatter-brained! Do you have anything that you find particularly helpful?

And speaking of 'methods of becoming less scatter-brained', I've been itching to get my organizing hands dirty in my office. This past week was the week and it's so nice to sit back and look at job "dockets", labelled boxes, more storage and pictures hanging (rather than leaning) on the wall. I'll take some pictures soon and introduce you to my little workspace.

Until then...

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