Monday, April 4, 2011

Lighting, Camera, Actions!!

I suppose technically I started with the camera. But then the title wouldn't flow quite the same now would it?

The day before her first haircut ever, Hadassah and I took advantage of the lovely soft light in her bedroom and took her "official" 3 year pictures. There's one in particular of her and Gus that I like immensely, especially after some Pioneer Woman's Actions action.

What's that you say? You'd like me to share them with you?

How sweet of you to ask - I believe I will.

Here's the pictures, SOC. (straight out of camera)

I think it's the eyes. Hadassah's big blue ones and Gus' big ol' "please love me" brown Spaniel ones. First I did a little crop, and then I added a little sharpening and a little boost resulting in this:
And then I played around with all of the actions until I found "the one". And for this picture, PW's Vintage action was definitely the one! I did lower the transparency of the action so some of the color still peeked through and j'adore how it turned out. If I could hug a picture...

...I would.


  1. Taking indoor pictures is difficult - the lighting sabotages everything. You did very well. I try to go manual inside and keep the flash off. Sometimes it just doesn't work, but you used good settings.



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