Monday, July 25, 2011

Slurpees and Spots

The other day was a hot day. A terribly vicious kind of hot day. The kind of day that is the complete opposite of a frigid wintery day, yet is exactly the same in that you do not want to leave your (air conditioned) home.

And it was just the kind of day that called for a Slurpee. Or Froster. Depending on whether your closer to a 7-11 or Mac's. On this particular hot day a 7-11 was on our way home from doing groceries and the Slurpee machine was calling my name. At the checkout line I noticed a firefighter behind me with four of the largest sized Slurpee's you can buy. And you know what I overheard the cashier say? "Those are on us, sir - no charge". Being the good-hearted guy he must've been, he insisted on paying. But wasn't that the nicest thing? I have no clue if that's normal or not - but the idea that there are people out there who show respect for our servicemen by a little thing like free Slurpee's made me smile.

Thus concludes the "Slurpee" part of this post. Moving onto spots.

Because hot, sticky, humid weather doesn't last forever. Eventually a massive thunderstorm brews and brews and then storms in to break up the humidity. And Hadassah was ready. She saw those dark clouds coming and as soon as the rain started to fall, she sported her spots and headed outside.

She had such fun.

She twirled.

 And she whirled.

And she loved using her umbrella and rain boots. Good buy, Aunt Tracy and family.
I'm so glad to have snapped a few shots of her whirly, twirly rainy day fun. At the rate she's growing, I'm bound to appreciate the memories.

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