Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Father's Day

"What?!?! That was months ago! "

That's what you're thinking, right? Can't blame you, really. Because, well, it was months ago. But since I'm trying to play a bit of catch up, and since I have a confession to make about that day so long ago, I decided that my next post would be about Father's Day.

So the day before a week before Father's Day Sunday (so the Saturday before), I was having a frightfully busy day. It tends to be the busiest day of the week for me - Saturday is Tim's longest sermon writing day AND it's cheap laundry day. And so in my head, it just makes sense to make Saturday laundry and house-cleaning day. On this particular day, I also had a couple of errands to run and I was determined to do SOMEthing crafty/homemade ie: thoughtful for Father's Day. Which was the next day.

Er, what was that?

How I had that idea in my head (and for so long!), I'll never know. But have that idea I did, and so Hadassah and I whipped up a batch of sugar cookies all ready to be iced. (come to think of it, I now remember buying icing from the Bulk Barn the night before specifically for this plan of I was a rather determined girl that Father's Day was that Sunday!)

And it wasn't until the cookies were done, cooled, and getting iced by Hadassah before it sunk in that "wait a's not Father's Day tomorrow!! What am I going to do with these cookies?! They won't stay fresh for a week!!"

They were iced, boxed, and presented to dad a wee little bit early the next morning. And it wasn't until he took his first bite when I thought "I coulda popped them in the freezer. Duh!"

My confession? I am notorious for thinking of simple, obvious things. After the fact.

And now, for pictures. At least I remembered to take them, eh?

Can you tell which one Hadassah did all by her very self? :) And to tell you the truth, I think Tim liked these cookies even more, since he ended up with two Father's Days in the end. At least my scatter brained ways benefit others once in awhile.

(and seeing Hadassah's play kitchen in the background of the last picture gets me itching to finish the last couple of details for my 'new' dining room so I can show it to you!!! that little kitchen found a new home in the toy room and that wall has a new little something on it...)

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  1. oh you're funny Jen.....making your day busier than it had to be :) and then celebrating twice.
    Do you have a meter that shows you how much a load of laundry costs on sat. vs. the rest of the week? what is the difference? Is it significant savings?



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