Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thanks, Martha!

You're beadboard wallpaper is fabulous stuff. (found here)

This project has been done for awhile, but I noticed that I haven't posted any house update/decor related stuff for awhile. These before & after shots caught my eye and I decided to share. If only to suggest that it's the little things that count. Even behind closed doors.

When we first moved in my dad and Tim took down all the doors in our kitchen. 'Motivation', I called it. (remember that post?) My plans were to keep them off so I would get around to painting them sooner rather than later. And another reason? To replace the (really ugly) wallpaper that resided on the inside of the cupboards.

So one cupboard at a time, I slowly got them re-wallpapered. Wow, what a difference! Fresh and new. Most of them I completed before the kitchen reveal. But...there was one cupboard that I put off and put off and until about a month ago, it remained u.g.l.y. Shall we?
Pastel pinks, purples, blues, greens. And when those colors make up a flower print -  just isn't my thing. My profound apologies to those in the world who do have an appreciation for pink and purple pastel flower wallpaper. A little bit of measuring, cutting and pasting later, I have lovely 'new' cupboards. Again.
Ah. Love those reasonably quick little fixes that bring sense and order and lovliness to life. Oh the simple things.

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