Monday, October 24, 2011

Girls Will be Girls

And since God has gifted us with one of those sugar, spice and everything nice's, I asked Tim to add this book to a stack he recently ordered and had shipped.

Although I have yet to crack open a page, I'm adding it to my book list in the sidebar. Because I intend to crack open a page starting tonight.

After the laundry is more on its way.
After the closet that I tore apart this morning while unpacking our weekend suitcases is put back together in a clean and orderly fashion.
After Hadassah and I take advantage of this sunshine and take a walk to the park and have a swing on the swing.
After supper is made and dishes are done.
After the sun has tucked itself away. (which is getting awfully close to supper time again...)
After Tim has started a cozy fire in the fireplace.

Yes indeed - I'm thinking it should be one of those nights. A mug of hot chocolate, our first fire of the fall and a book.

In the meantime, I'm also adding two other books to my book list. Our Ladies Bible Study book this year: The Pursuit of Holiness (J.C.Ryle), as well as his devotional book, Holiness, which I thought would be a good compliment to the bible study. Ever read Jerry Bridges? No? Oh, oh, oh, you should. :)

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