Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thirty six cheers for impulse BFM runs!!!

It's Thursday afternoon.

Hadassah is already buckled in the van while I make a mad dash into the house because I forgot her towel. Can't go to swimming lessons without a towel, right?

Wait a minute, do I even have her bathing suit? Oh yeah, I remember it tailing behind Hadassah as she dragged it along the porch floor to the van. Ok. Get your keys out and...uh oh...keys are still on the hook inside. Back I go again...this is getting ridiculous. Oh look! The letter I needed to mail is still sitting here on the hutch. Good thing I had to come back in. Now...stop lollygagging Jen and get going! You've got three errands to do before we even get to swimming lessons. And for crying out loud, stop talking to yourself!!!

It was one of those "let's see how much I can get done in a crazy short amount of time" kind of afternoons and I surprisingly got everything done on time. In fact - way early. Good thing Hadassah is always up for a trip to Bibles for Missions. Nothing like a good stroll down the furniture aisle, followed by a tour up and down the kitchenware aisle where you just.never.know.

Oh, how lovely. Don't need one, though. Check that out, could I do something with that? No, Jen, you have enough projects on the go. Put it down. Hey! What a great looking tin! Nice and big, just the right color for my kitchen. I don't really do tins, though. Too bad it's not a set. Love the pattern on the lid, wonder if it comes off easily? Yup. Lookee here...another tin inside! Score! And...oh it's getting better. There's another. And another! It IS a set. Tons of character, fun fonts, peeeerfect colors.

No. Put 'em down Jen. Where would you put them? Your counter is full and it'd be a waste to put them in the cupboard. (starting to walk away) (stops) But you never did loooove those bright aqua containers you have out now. Those could easily be put in the cupboard. (walks backwards). Wonder how much they are...THREE DOLLARS!!!!???!


And I am in looove. 

Fluffy Flour makes himself useful by keeping Gus's dog treats handy.
Sunshine Coffee is a little sad right now - she's feeling...empty. But she'll feel useful as soon as I find the perfect filler for her. I tell her that once in awhile, just to cheer her up.
Bright White Sugar helps out by keeping my dishwasher packs in easy reach.
And Golden Leaf tea could've been owned by the littlest of the Three Bears - because she's just right for my granola bars.
Don't they look vintagy and used and loved and....lovely?
How I love finding "just what you were looking for" when you weren't looking for anything like it. Sometimes, those are the best finds. No, wait. The best finds are the "just what you were looking for" items you weren't looking for that ended up being a grand total of $3. Woot!

How about one last look. Shall we? . . .
Thank you, my lovlies, for gracing my counter top with so much charm.
Bibles for Missions? I'll see you again soon.


  1. I had those identical cannisters for years. I used them to store my cash - one tin for loonies, one for American, one for quarters and one for mad money. I no longer have the tins and not a clue where the money went either!



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