Saturday, October 8, 2011

My husband knows me well!

Know how I know? Because a few days ago, I came home to discover this on our fridge:
WooHOO!!! I have a rather strong liking for the above mentioned store. And at the risk of sounding materialistic and commercialized, etc.,etc., I will tell you that the article put a grin on my face. (no, I did not jump up and down on the kitchen floor, that would be going way too far, don't you think?)

At any rate, I also smiled simply because my husband saw the article, knew it would cause a little happy dance, cut it out and put it on our fridge. He thought of me and that, my friends, is even sweeter than a new Target.

Aaaaaaand...have you heard? My sister-in-law is pregnant! Another grin! Can't handle all this happiness!! ;)

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