Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Ever wish there was one spot where you could file all those incredible ideas you find online? That tutorial for the oh-so-adorable girls dress from that site over there? The scrumptious looking recipe you saw on that blog a couple of days ago? can.

*sigh of relief*

Do you know how many emails I've sent myself, just so I would have the link to that inspiring quote or the inspiration picture for my bathroom light fixture?! Oh so many!! And now I have them all in one location. For example: I now have my future bathroom inspiration, a birthday party treat idea, and a brilliant way to keep paint can rims clean - all in one spot.

Whoever came up with this site - I appreciate it. (I am in no way getting paid for saying this, btw - personal opinion only!) And if you're in need of inspiration for decorating, recipes, family picture ideas, vacation locations, household tips, great quotes, etc., etc., head on over!

Interested in following my pins? I've added a button on the sidebar in case you must make those mini jello aquariums!!!

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