Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Let's Call it a Curtain

Because essentially, it does the same thing. Plus, ever since I finished it yesterday afternoon, I've been wanting to reach up and move "the curtain" over! (in other words: Jen needs to get used to it yet!) But...Jen loves it! And Jen is talking in the third person. Again. Shall we move right along?

So. Sherry (Katie, Ana and Erin) are hosting a Pinterest Challenge today, which I thought was great. Why keep pinning and not doing, right? This was a great excuse to get one of my projects done and involve some Pinterest inspiration as well.

A while ago I posted about our kitchen makeover. In the post, I mentioned a couple of things I needed to do in order to complete it. Statement specifics: (and I quote) " Curtain in the window, a couple spots of touch-up paint - that sort of thing."

Project? Finish kitchen window. Here's what I started with:

Our neighbors window to the right is their kitchen window as well. And that great view of the fence! I wanted the light, but not the

Let me just mention first that painting a window frame in late October is a cold endeavor. Oh.So.Cold. But since I put it off all summer long (while telling myself I should just do it before the cold weather strikes), it was entirely my own fault and I sent Hadassah to the basement to play so she didn't have to shiver and bibber as well.

Some spray paint solved the too-dark window frame problem. And then came out the inspiration:

...and the roll of contact paper, a template I made in Adobe Illustrator, scrissors (which soon got ditched for an exacto knife), and a water spray bottle. And away I went! End result? Tada!!:

Love it. Like, really love it. And one of the best parts? When Tim saw the inspiration picture he was absolutely like "uh, really? Not loving it." But once I revealed the finished project, his response..."Love it! That's perfect! It looks really good". Phew!

So despite my urge to push back the curtain (I love sunshine rolling in my house), which I'm sure will fade with time, I'm incredibly happy with the way it turned out. Don't look too closely at night, you'll see a few air (water?) bubbles I didn't completely squish out. And don't look too closely at any time or you'll see that the line space between the 'tiles' got bigger as I worked my way up the window. But other than those two things, it's fabulous. And it lets plenty of light in, but blocks us from our neighbors kitchen window. All around beneficial project.

A big thank you to the Pinterest Challenge for getting me to actually do something I pinned! It's a good thing it turned out well...I think I might get me on a pinterest doing roll...!


  1. Jen, That looks really great. I love it. I would never have thought it would look that nice. I did not really care for the door either. Geuss it takes vision to be creative :)


  2. This is great!!! Love that you are letting the light shine in!

  3. Love it! Can I get instructions somewhere?? Thanks!!

  4. Gorgeous!!!!


  5. Thanks people! Love that you love it. :) Instructions are sorta on this blog: (where my inspiration came from...)

  6. Oh my gosh, it looks so great! Can you give a few more details- like where did you get that awesome stencil? I have a bathroom window that I'm ready to do. Thanks for sharing it!

  7. i have something like that pinned, too, but occasion/place to put it. yours looks great!

  8. Thanks Julie! The stencil I made myself in Adobe Illustrator from the tile that Ashley used (from the inspiration post, mentioned above). Once the pieces were cut out of the roll of contact paper (bought from Home Depot), I just peeled each piece off, sprayed water on the window, smoothed the water and air bubbles out of the paper and moved onto the next piece. It turned out to be pretty easy - it was cutting out the pieces from the contact paper that was the most time consuming. Probably why Ashley watched a movie while she did it... :)

  9. now I feel bad for not saying something on Wednesday night. I noticed your window and loved it...but I figured I just hadn't noticed before!! Awesome job time I will say something when I see it! Of course...then it will have been there all along!!! LOL



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