Monday, November 14, 2011

Pumpkin Painting

A little late, I know - the snow will be flying soon! But Hadassah and I had so much fun (a few weeks ago) painting these pumpkins for our fall decorations that I thought I'd give you a little glance. Starting with a 'before' pumpkin shot...which was quite cute in itself without a touch of paint...

I do believe Hadassah ate an oreo just before our artistic endeavors. How oreos give such beards, I do not know. Something to do with licking the icing off first?
She really enjoyed this 'craft'. Here are a couple of action shots:

And, our end result:

Can you tell which one is hers and which one is mine? I'll give you a hint: Hadassah has a thing for glitter. I have a thing for turquoise and zig zag patterns.

These are still sitting out, but seeing as we're halfway through November, they'll only be there for a couple more weeks. Because while I love decorating for each season - my favorite is winter. If we're going to be inside so much, I love to make it super cozy! Can't wait!

But Jen, let's not push it, okay? Enjoy the last of the falling leaves before you wish for snow...

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