Saturday, November 26, 2011


I've re-discovered one of my favorite fall smells. Applesauce in the making. A couple weeks back, a lovely lady from church brought me to Thompson's Orchard, where I bought two 20lb bags of apples. (seconds only $6 per bag! love the price!) One Ida Red and one Mutsu. This lovely lady also lent me her applesauce-squisher-outter-tool-thing and an apple slicer/corer...and away Hadassah and I went!

She was sooooo eager to help...every part of it was great fun. At the beginning, anyway...

The apple corer was Would've gone nuts without it!

Here's the "applesauce-squisher-outter-tool-thing". Anyone know of it's official name?

We thought we'd get a shot of the two of us. This one finally worked.

And this is one showing Hadassah grabbing my head and shaking it back and forth, getting realllllly close to my face and saying "no more pictures mom, no more pictures!!!"

She loved to help turn the...applesauce maker.

And this is the result of an afternoon of work. I won't mention how much of it is already gone...! It's good stuff! (if I do say so myself...)

It was a fun afternoon. And today I heard quite the reward for having Hadassah help me with all of this stuff, instead of sending her off to play: "Mommy, I'm great at taking care of the house, cause I watch you sometimes." Sweet girl. So thankful for her!

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