Friday, December 2, 2011


Into thin (facebook) air.

That's correct. I've deactivated my facebook account. (gasp!)

This post is for those who will inevitably ask the question: Where'd you go?  And I say that solely from experience. Because I've done this before. Been on facebook. Quit. Loved it. And there were those who asked, "Why?!". So this time, I thought I'd get ahead of the game and answer you before you ask.

Clever and entirely unassuming, right? Right.

Of course, for those of you who (so sweetly) read my blog but could care less about my "facebook life", this post means little. Except perhaps you'll discover a new blog that will interest you or you and your daughters.

Because it was this post that confirmed it for me. I've been pondering the idea of deactivating my account for a few weeks already, but when I stumbled across this post, I thought 'Yup! It's time.' I will not claim that every point was a strong one for me, personally - but I think they're all valid points. And I will say that some of the comments referring to the fact that facebook was the only contact they had with some distant relatives and friends was one that had me thinking twice. Or thrice.

But not enough to stay.

Like Erin says, "Facebook isn't bad". This post is by no means making any claim or statement that everyone should fly over to their facebook account and not just log off, but deactivate. Definitely not!

It's simply a post to let you know I'm gone. Answer you before you even ask. Point you in the direction of a great blog for young women.

And let you know that vanishing is a surprisingly great feeling.

ps: Here's another post to consider, since I'm on the facebook topic.


  1. Dear, Jen
    This post speaks straight to my heart. Thank you. My story sounds much like yours. deactivate. activate. Want an accountability partner? :)

  2. I agree with both of those posts BUT I think almost all of it also applies to blogging. Wasting time, lurking, as a numbing agent, coveting other people's lives and things, etc. Moderation is the key I think and also knowing when to step away from it all. Good thoughts though!



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