Monday, December 5, 2011

Bright & Cheery

Long, long ago...

Ok, not soooo long ago. But a couple of months ago, when we had bright hot sun, flowers in the garden and not a hint of cold...I took a picture. This picture, in fact:

Why did I take this picture, you ask? There are no loved ones, no action, no...anything. Well, would you believe me if I told you this was a before picture?

Yup. I betcha you would!!

And that is precisely what it is. A before shot of our front door. Because really, who wouldn't want to jump on the front-door-painting band wagon?? Number one way to spruce up your exterior. Or so it is said. So off I went to pick a color and Martha Stewart stepped up to the plate. I sorted through greens and blues and yellows and decided that yellow was the way to go.

A little taping and painting later and...

I have a very, VERY yellow front door. 

Not exaaaactly what I was envisioning. But since I had used a Martha Stewart color in a Behr can of paint, I suppose it's entirely my own fault. I went back to the store twice to have them try and adjust it and after putting on another coat, still ended up with this:

Not even close, eh? (sigh) 

At that point, after already making a few trips to Home Depot, I gave up. When one walked down the sidewalk they saw the front door through screening and it looked toned down. And if they walked up to the door, well, hopefully they smile. Bright and cheery, right? 

So while it wasn't what I was aiming for, it's sticking around for now. Some summer, I'd love to paint the exterior of the house and then the yellow will match better. (I'll fill you in on that in another post sometime...cause I could use your advice, too!) And with our new front mat,

wintery decor,

and the leftover "frosted glass" from my kitchen window adventure (see here),

I'm kinda liking it.

And you know what else I'm liking? That sled! Yeah for the Great Garage Sale where I got the sled for waaaaaay less than the antique shop in Tilbury. I had fun making the outdoor stuff this year. Those big red balls are the large styrofoam ones from Dollarama, wrapped in strips of red burlap, stuck on bbq skewers, also from Dollarama. And the hanging baskets were 4 for a $1 at a garage sale this summer. One of those will eventually be turned into a light fixture for the front porch. (whenver you're ready, dad...!)

Loving the bright and cheeriness! Combined with the stacks of wood for our wood stove, our porch is all ready for the season. Bring on the snow!!


  1. your right that sleigh is fantastic!! might convince me to try this whole great garage sale again ;)

    Kristen K.

  2. oh a woodstove! that'll be so cozy! your front porch looks very inviting, and yellow is such a cheerful colour I love it!



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