Saturday, February 25, 2012

1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 4

It seems that not so long ago I was writing a post with the title "1+1+1=3". It's amazing how fast one year goes. And equally amazing is how much happens and changes in one year.

How much older.

How much sweeter.

And yet, how much naughtier. :)

How many more memories. Ones that are actually remembered on their own without the prompting of stories or pictures.

How many more inches.

How many more phrases and tidbits of knowledge.

How many more facial expressions. And there are oh so many.

How much more love. It grows and grows and amazes me with it's steadiness.

And yet, how much fickleness. :)

How many mistakes.

How many lessons.

How many, many, many blessings.

How much busyness.

How much dancing. Oh so much dancing.

Happy Birthday Hadassah.


Now that's just crazy.

Here are some pictures of her actual birthday:

A special breakfast followed by the eagerly anticipated opening of presents...

...where this face happened a lot:


She had a iPad conversation with Grandma & Pa. Technology is pretty handy at times like this!

 And I ran out of time to make a cake on her actual birthday, so this 'ice cream cake' did the trick:

And then came the party.

Her birthday was on a Wednesday and the invitations for a party on Saturday had gone out the week before. Was this kid ever exCITED!! She talked non-stop Saturday morning from the moment she woke up until the last guest arrived. It all began with the cake-pops...

...which I think her friends enjoyed...

Cake pops were followed by games of Pin.the.Tail.on.the.Donkey, Duck.Duck.Goose., Ring.Around.the.Rosie, etc.

And then she was completely overwhelmed with gifts from her friends. "Open mine next, Open mine next". It's sweet to see that giving really can be as much fun as getting. Each friend received a thank you hug because wow, she was so spoiled. My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, crafts, Moon Dough. Like I said...spoiled!

After gifts was some down-time where they all played up in Hadassah's bedroom. Out came the princess costumes and the Little People and the books and they had so much fun up there. Then just before lunch, it was necklace making time. Some of them were done after 5 beads, but others filled their whole string. All of them loved it.(So glad I found a huge bag of pink and purple beads at BFM awhile ago!)

After lunch and a little bit more playtime, it was time for everyone to go home. I think that it was so busy and crazy and fun that Hadassah was just fine with it when the time came. She then spent the rest of the afternoon playing with her gifts, quietly, contently and with a little smile on her face.

And do you know what the best part of it was for me? The moment I hear Hadassah yell out "This is the best birthday party ever!" in the midst of the squeals and giggles of the morning. Ah, thanks kiddo! I am so glad you liked it.

Happy Birthday. To my girl. (who is now sporting this haircut):


  1. Thanks so much for posting Jen! I LOVE checking in on your blog:) Hadassah is getting so big and I love her hair cut! (On a side note...our sisters & their hubbies just got together...doesn't that seem strange!!!) Say "hi" to Tim from us.
    Love Jen Kuivenhoven

  2. Aww! What a great party! You are a great mom! :)
    Lisa V



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