Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Keep Moving Folks!

Last Friday Tim and I had the immense pleasure of participating in a Fun Moving Fellowship Dinner with members from our church. Have you ever been a part of one of these before? If not, we highly recommend it!

56 people signed up and they moved in pairs. Moved? Yes, that is correct. Moved. The dinner consisted of 3 courses, each equally delicious and served in different locations. Appetizers started at a host's house at precisely 6:13pm. (4 different hosts to spread the people out) and could you please be out of there by 6:53? They have somewhere to be. Because at exactly 7:13pm, the main course started and you'd better be at the right place! (3 different locations - your location revealed at the end of the appetizer course) But don't get too comfortable because you'll need to go elsewhere for dessert (again, 4 different locations, your spot revealed at the end of the main course).

Over the course of the evening, you'd meet up and interact with between 16 and 19 different couples. (that's where the "fellowship" part comes in). And oh what fun it is to eat and run and such on occasion.

My camera stayed tucked away for the evening, but I did pull it out just before we left for our appetizers. Because our house was all set and ready for the mad rush at 7:13pm. Crock pot full of chili, salad in the fridge and rolls ready to set out. Living room transformed into a second dining room. House clean, tables set and drinks ready (thanks mom, for helping me out with all of that!). Here's a visual:

I won't mention that Gus helped himself to some of my preparations while we were enjoying our appetizers elsewhere. No one needs to know that I only served half of the number of garlic sticks that I had ready to go. They need only think that I cut them in half on purpose and certainly not because I wouldn't have enough due to an apparently very hungry dog. Stinker.

A great night. We really enjoyed our appetizers, loved hosting a main course and overstayed our welcome at the home of the dessert host and hostess. Which is, from what I hear, what everyone else did at their dessert spots too.

But then, that's the idea, isn't it?

Fun & fellowship.


  1. What a FANTASTIC idea!!

  2. it was so much fun! overstayed your welcome again eh! ;) jk we loved it!

    kristen k

  3. Hi Jen,
    I read your blog fairly frequently but never comment. So hi :) I am a member at the St. Thomas FRC. Your blog posts always make me smile!

    I was thinking that this dinner idea would be fun to try out in our own congregation. Can you send me a bit more info? (justinandjen@mail.com)
    Whenever you have the chance - I am thinking of planning this for the fall - lots of people vacationing over the summer.

    Thanks so much!!



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