Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Life B4 Pinterest

It is a special folder.

I started it a few years ago.

The very magazine I had been subscribing to for a couple of years told me how I can rid myself of it and the accumulating pile, right up to the issue in my hands. Just cut out the pages and articles with images and ideas you absolutely love or found helpful, file them in a folder, and simply throw out the magazine.

Seemed like a great idea to me. One pleasantly spent evening later, my growing stack of Better Homes & Gardens and Country Living magazines was reduced to one simple, clear plastic folder. A folder that had its own special spot in my closet, since it wasn't quite pretty enough to put on the source of my previous night's adventure - bookshelves staged just like the ones in BH&G.

And while I haven't kept it up in the past couple of years (my stack of mag's is an "accessory" at the moment, or so I tell my husband...), I still love the concept. Pinterest has basically taken over when it comes to organizing my favorites in one location, but when I ran across my ol' faithful while organizing a closet two nights ago, I smiled.

It was a big smile.

A smile that lasted until I was snug as a bug in a rug, settled in bed and diving into the folder.

And whatdoyaknow? I found myself relieved. Images from 2008 contained little notes, lovingly written by me, to me, indicating precisely what it was about the image that I liked. "Love dining set", "Great idea, must try", "Ceiling tiles", "Oh that hutch!" See? I've like open shelving for much longer than I thought. Since 2008 to be exact.

And that dining set? Here it is:

And how about those handy articles? Excellent references...

I even found two house plans I copied and sketched out from CountryLiving. I adjusted them to my liking and added furniture placement! Love houses much?

The part that had me feeling relieved? I still loved the stuff!

Sometimes I wonder if I'm a sucker for passing trends. The chevron rug in my kitchen seems like proof to me. But going through that folder made me realize that in the midst of my love for 'changing things up', there are a few things that have remained steadfast. White kitchens. Colored kitchens. Anything but wood kitchens. Chunky, deliciously worn farmhouse dining tables. Wide planked hardwood flooring. Solid colored quilts. Chippy or 'antiqued' painted furniture. Modern, geometric fabric prints. Blue. Green. Turquoise. Aqua. A mix of old and new.

I'm thankful for my pre-Pinterest version of dog-earring a magazine. As much as I love the convenience and organization of Pinterest, nothing beats flipping through magazines. Even if they're cut up and torn out and downsized.

And that is simply something I enjoyed discovering the other night. Something I thought I'd share.

With you.

Something else I thought I'd share? Someone else's big smile:

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