Friday, June 22, 2012

My vacuum. And other random things.

The vacuum is sitting on our living room floor, waiting for me to plug it in. Can you hear it? I can. It claims that it needs me. That my floors are embarrassing him and he'd like to do something about it, but he can't do it without me. It's nice to needed, isn't it?

Yes, this blog post is purely procrastination.

An opportunity to say hi, give you an internet wave and ask how you plan to celebrate the start of summer vacation (last day of school! woohoo!). Kids all over Canada must be so ex.CI.ted.

It's also an opportunity to point out that I've added a little somethin' to my sidebar. Do you remember, friends & family o'mine, the whole reason I started this blog? To keep y'all updated on our life since we were far away and busy?'s a whole new way. Instagram. Sometimes writing posts along with pictures can be more time-consuming than I'd like. But Instagram let's me snap life shots, leave one quick caption and - snap! - you're updated. With pictures even. Warning: there may or may not be an over-excessive number of pictures of our daughter. We cannot help it. We're smitten.

Onto other random things: Yesterday we bought a door. And hung it. All by ourselves. We may or may not have stood back and stared at it when we were done. A lot. Let's just say that if we can hang a reclaimed door...aaaanyone can. Pictures of that on its way.

Pictures. Ah yes. Would you believe that I flipped through the pictures on my phone and counted off no less than 14 separate blog post possibilities? Apparently I'm good at taking pics on my phone with blog posts in mind but then leaving those pictures right where they are.

Perhaps I'll get those. Someday.

Tim had surgery this morning. I had to pick his grogginess up from the dentist this morning and discovered that I giggle when I'm nervous. Nervous about my strong husband wobbling over and me not being able to catch him on time. Poor guy had an impacted wisdom tooth that had to come out. But...between nurse Hadassah (who is taking her job very seriously) and myself, we intend to see that he is well taken care of. Would ya know I woke up worrying that something would go wrong? Thankfully my own husband's sermon from a couple of days ago came to mind - be anxious for nothing. Nothing! At all. When will I learn that God has everything covered and I can rest in His will?

With random reference to pictures of Hadassah previously mentioned, I'm going to toss in some random pictures of her and Gus. (who, by the way, was very sick this week. Thought for sure we were going to lose him! But after some turkey baster injected water and lots of love, he bounced back and is good as new. How's that for random?)

That last picture? Hadassah speaking Gus. The language she always uses when they're playing together. It's part baby-talk, part something else. It's crazy. But it's what she does and Gus loves it. And her. So it's all good.

That vacuum is hollering at me now. I feel like shoving it back into the closet and telling it to please, be quiet! But then the floors will start chiming in and I won't be able to handle it anymore. So maybe I should just get going already, eh?

Ok, maybe I'll slip in a couple of other pictures from the photoshoot above. Just a couple of my favorites. For fun. And to ignore my vacuum just a leeetle bit longer. These are straight from my camera, no fiddling. Yet.

Have a fantastic weekend, folks!

ps: If you noticed the name of my Instagram - SparrowJoyJen - and wondered about it...let's just say there's a little something in the works over here. A little something that requires a business name. A little something called "SparrowJoy". Stay tuned!

1 comment:

  1. Love your post Jenn.
    My vacuum yells at me all the time. I actually listened to it tonight briefly and did the tile flooring.
    Can't wait to see the new door.
    When do we get to hear more about Sparrow Joy?
    Just to correct you on schools out…… That only applies to Christian Schools. The Public and Catholic Boards have classes until Thursday. Teachers go until next Friday……
    Hope Pastor Tim feels better soon. I am sure Hadassah will continue to nurse him.



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