Monday, July 9, 2012


Week #1 of our holidays was a staycation where we finished off drywalling the basement and impulsively bought a door.

I say impulsively because I believe that when you have a home to-do list a mile long and "buy a new-to-us door from the junk yard and spend most of a day trying to fit it in the doorway that heads down to the basement because we both decided we're sick of the bi-fold that's there" somehow gets on that list and makes its way to the top - it's impulsive.

But she sure is pretty. And we sure are thrilled with the results of its swing. The internet claimed up and down that fitting a reclaimed door into a door jam is next to impossible. Well ha!, Internet. If only you could see this door. Turn the knob (which still needs some OilRubbedBronze spraypaint). Open and close it. Swing it shut. I daresay you'd be impressed. Yes Internet...very impressed indeed. 

Take a look at the door we decided wouldn't do. Bi-folds. Yick.

After some cleaning, some trimming, some sanding and some chiseling, some new hinges and new door jam installation, we have...our new 'character' door.


Trimming, sanding and chiseling...(as I look at this picture, I realize that there could be a variety of questions about what-in-the-world the door is sitting on. That, my friends, is a story deserving entirely of its own post, which I will get to someday).

New door jam installing...(the back of this door came painted, and will be re-painted soon-like)

And finally, our new door in all of its reclaimed beauty (or not-so-beauty? more on that in a moment):

We love her. And the fact that we YouTubed and Googled our way through installing her makes us that much more fond.

Here's the thing - and this is where we're enlisting your help - do we love it as is? Is the character of the wood what makes her so charming? Or should I paint her? She could be a bold and brilliant pop of distressed color. Such as this...

...or this...
...or this:

To find out what y'all think and to try a little something new, let's take a vote, shall we? By way of a poll perhaps? Let me know what you, o reader, think. Shall we keep it in all of its original, story-telling state? Or make her pop with lots of layers of greens and blues and help her make her own, new story? What say you...

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