Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Change, Non-Change & Sneak Peaks

   * It's amazing how one trip to Ikea can lead to a series of events in the life of a Master Bedroom. The purchase of 'compromise' bedding (Tim wanted a quilt and I wanted a duvet, so we bought a quilt-like duvet cover...) resulted in quite the change in our bedroom. Here's a sneak peek:

* It's incredible how the decision to try homeschooling our daughter has added oomph to my organization planning, starting with a paint chip calendar. Here's a sneak peak:

* It's lovely how you can pick up a great find at a yard sale for a quarter and use it for corralling frequently used dining items in a fun way. Here's a sneak peak:

* It's fantastic how those anti-slip rug pads work! We slipped into a Pottery Barn Outlet before a Michigan camping adventure (so much fun guys - thx!) and noticed they had a rug sale going on. Can't beat 50% off of already marked down area rugs...especially West elm ones! We snagged a lovely. But I was so bummed when we first laid it down - kids and dogs flying everywhere, since the sq.ft-age of this rug is so much more the previous one. But wow-oh-wow those anti-slip rugs work like a charm! Love. Here's a sneak peak:

* It's wonderful how light can make such a difference. I didn't realize that our kitchen was on the dark side until my dad helped me install two new fixtures (also from Ikea - they have such fabulously priced lighting!) in our kitchen and hall area. With the massive 'dandelion light' in the dining room, I decided the kitchen and hall lighting shouldn't compete, so I went with matching fixtures that were simple.

It's a good thing my dad is an electrician. Just sayin'.


* It's great how a blog poll can help make up your mind whether or not to paint a door. That reclaimed door we installed? It's going to keep telling it's own story. At least for now... Here's a(nother) peak:

So thank you, readers, for your votes! Our door definitely charmed you with her 'au natural-ness', eh?

If those sneak peaks have you intrigued, just c'mon back another day, I hope to expand on those topics/pics. Our summer days have been filled with things outside of our 4 walls too, things like VBS and visiting, guests and serious planning for the upcoming school year, so lots of other blog posts are swirling in my head.

I hope your summer has been filled to the brim too! Filled with fun, relaxation and re-energizing for when you get back to your 'regular scheduled programming.'  Can you believe it's half over?!


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