Saturday, August 11, 2012

Date Night

I love living within a short walking distance to one of our favorite restaurants! Mama Maria's is a few minutes walk from our house and we can take the route along the river, or the stroll downtown. With Hadassah having a blast at her grandparents, it's way up there on our date night options list. 

And dessert @ The Cone Shop doesn't hurt either...

...I love me a date night with my husband!


  1. What a great shot of you and Tim!

    I need me a date night with my man, but with family visiting, and packing and stressing over house buying, and moving and flying out of the country, I don't see it happening for a while yet! sigh …

    so did you get my email???

    1. Well Bren - I hope you get a date night with your man sooner rather than later!!! Should I send him a hint email? ;)



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