Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Posting a Letter

Dear Avery,

Hello! This is your Auntie Jen writing, letting you know that it was such a pleasure to meet you! And to mention that if you ever want to come and live with us, you can.  You look an awful lot like a 3 month old Hadassah so you'd blend right in, it really wouldn't be a problem. We would love to have your giggles and cuteness at our house!

Now there are a couple of hurdles to overcome, but I think we could work on that and find satisfactory solutions. There's the border of course. That could prove to be tricky. But I think we can manage to sneak your birth certificate into your suitcase and dress you in red and white. No blue. That might help.

And then there's Roxy. Would you miss her a lot? Because there's potential for her to come with you. I'm sure we could discuss sleeping arrangements with Gus and he'd be willing to share. He's nice like that.

Of course there are your parents. And I think that could prove to be our biggest challenge. Not to mention your grandparents. It won't be easy, but you never know. We could work things out.

In the meantime, do know that we loved meeting you, cuddling you and that we really look forward to seeing you again soon. Please keep our offer in mind.

Until next time,
Auntie Jen

PS: Hadassah wants you to know that she really enjoyed reading to you...

...even if it didn't last too terribly long. She said something about a short attention span??


  1. I think you would have to go through me as well! :)

  2. Oh come now. Does EVERYONE in GR want Avery to stick around?!?!?


  3. Auntie Jen, I would LOVE to visit! It is just that my family and extended family keep me and my parents so busy. Ahem... like my Aunt's wedding, etc. We now finally have time to do summer things around my yard that we didn't have time for before. We hope to see grandma & grandpa soon but I don't know if we will have time to stop by. Even that is not scheduled yet. Tell my parents to hurry up! It has been a while and I will be a big girl by the time we finally get there. :) Miss you! Love, Avery PS. Tell Hadassah I miss her wonderful playing on the harmonica :)

    1. Avery: I'll get right on tell your parents to hurry up!
      Cherise: HURRY IT UP ALREADY! ;)



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