Friday, August 24, 2012

I love a good rain

We had one crazy loud thunderstorm this past Tuesday afternoon. Loved it! Especially watching the downpour from our front porch. And if you, too, love a good rain storm (maybe even a thunder rumble or two?) then you must try out "RainyMood". If you open it in a new tab in your internet browser, you can keep right on working on whatever it is you do on the internet (I vote for Pinterest...) while listening to the rain.

Or you can clean your house while listening to the rain. 

Or you can scrapbook while listening to the rain.

Or you can do the dishes while listening to the rain.

What's that? You like curling up on your chair with a good book while listening to the rain? By George, she's got it!!

Warning: It only SOUNDS like rain. You still need to get outside and water those plants. Ya know. Before they die. 

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