Saturday, September 8, 2012

I Never Finish Anythi

This pin on Pinterest gave me a good laugh the other day:

Not because I can relate or anything like that. Oh no. Not me. I always finish my projects.

You mean that frame in my office isn't supposed to empty? 

And you think the brilliant idea to paint the leaves of a fake tree in bright colors as fun decor for our Kidz Klub classroom might be hard to accomplish if the tree is sitting at Bibles for Missions?

Those curtain rod brackets are sitting on top of the trim of my living room window to remind me to remind Tim to drill them in. Really?! They were there when you came over 4 months ago?! Huh. 

Why yes, I did start to learn how to crochet. Why do you ask? Oh. You saw that, did you? Well, I decided that 5 rows was a good start and...ya know...then I sorta kinda forgot about it.

That fake tree? Yeah, it was part of a van load of goods I shipped off to Bibles for Missions today. And while I truly do think that we should start what we finish - doing it diligently too! - sometimes it's nice to admit that the creative juices of ones brain can have a tendency to overdo it once in awhile and then just let it go. Cannot get that one done.

Today I was in the mood to just get rid of excess stuff. I went through our linen closet today - took everything out and only put back the stuff we actually use. Refreshing.

And you know what? That job is now finis...oh wait. The closet door is still off and sitting in the hallway. And there are 6 bottles of stuff I need to find a home for sitting on the bathroom counter. Not too finished.

But it will be. Unlike the colorful tree plan.

Do you finish everythi

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