Monday, September 10, 2012

School Daze

Is that what it's going to feel like?

Am I going to experience one of the following dictionary definitions of 'daze'?
1. to stun or stupefy with a blow, shock, etc.
2. to overwhelm

While most of you have the bus routine down pat (one week should do it, right?) or the classroom at home already in use, it's going to be our turn this week. I plan on officially starting PreK with Hadassah tomorrow.

That daughter of mine is one eager beaver to start and I find that exciting. (ok, so I might've slipped her a few workpages already and did I ever really stop with little alphabet pop quizzes throughout our day? nope.) And so today I thought I'd share something that may or may not have helped along her excitement. Since I put lots of mommy love into this project, I sure hope she's a bit squeally about it!

It all started with a yard sale. (don't so many great things in life? ;) Someone decided that the exact style of school desk that I once sat in was worth a mere $5. Yes please and thank you!

Hadassah couldn't resist trying it out the moment it came home. An episode of Busytown and a mug of juice - she loved it. And she clearly has room to grow. :)

Next came the fun part for me! Some spray paint turned those green legs into a more neutral gray and Fabricland just so happened to have the perfect gray and yellow fabric on sale for something like $2 a yard! I pulled out the ModPodge, got to work and got this:

Lovely, right? Definitely not perfect (the top is ModPodged fabric as well, but it didn't turn out as nicely as the yellow and there are a couple of odd dark spots like the one you see on the back of chair...) but much improved. I had fun with the details! The H is actually a gift bag that I kept because I loved the design and color. After printing out a large h in a cool font on my printer, I cut it out then traced it onto the gift bag. I then cut that out and ModPodged it on.

And then the back. I later decided that it was a potential waste of scrapbook paper since no one will ever see it - I'd much rather see the H than the back - but that's alright. Hadassah knows about the bit of sparkle I added, so she'll take a peek every know and then. She helped me pick out the silver sequin ribbon around the edge (that you can barely see in this picture)...

So there she be! Tomorrow she gets some official use - if you don't count all the trial runs she's had so far. I'm guessing there might be a few hundred pictures of Hadassah actually using it - stay tuned!

Now I'm off to double check that everything is all set for Hadassah's first day of school...! Enjoy your week, friends!

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  1. What a great job Jenn! This should go on "better after."

  2. So very awesome!!!! You did a great job! I love those desks. If I ever have a room just set apart for school, I will be on the hunt for 4 of them! (o:

  3. that looks so much better. we have two of those desks that could use a paint job. And great letters by Hadassah! Jude has no interest at all in even tracing letters.

  4. Oh my, what is that iPad stand called? We have a school table like this and I painted ours yellow, love it!!! Not as cute as yours but it is ok :)

    Please share what's the iPad stand? Love that thing!

    1. Thanks Suzana!
      The iPad stand is a find from Winners (or TJ Maxx/Marshalls if you're American...) and I am so sorry but I don't remember the name of it. It's also a speaker, so it is handy...but I haven't seen any at Winners in awhile. :(



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