Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Progress Cont'd

Isn't funny how easy it is for a month to go by without realizing it?

Yup. And that is all I have to say about (Canadian) Thanksgiving being the last time I posted. Moving right along.

So you've seen our basement slowly making it's way to the finish line. (see my last post on it here) The picture I left you with was this one:

Let's fast forward a couple of weeks after that shot to (drum roll please!) this one:

Did you jump up and down and clap your hands and squeal? No? Whyever not? Because I certainly did. Ok ok, technically I probably didn't jump up and down. And I don't tend to squeal. But I sure did clap my hands once or twice and had a perma-grin that day! (please know that I know the lighting is terr.i.ble...but...oh well)

After the sanding took place, I whipped a coat of paint on that ceiling and those walls so fast I don't think my husband had time to realize I had paint clothes on. Then a couple of evenings later the wallpaper (a last minute find at Lowe's - I was planning on stenciling, but this was way less work!) went up while Tim was at a meeting.

And then a very sweet gentleman from our church came for a day to help us lay the floor - and his wife and I got to chat and play games and keep an eye on their progress. Not only did he get the floor leveled and then laid - he kept going and finished all the trim too! (thank you THANK YOU Mr. & Mrs. Z!!) We couldn't believe it. Early the next morning I was hauling Tim out of bed to help me move the furniture back in the room so I could get my basement back. Yay!

Here are a couple of shots from the day:

Mr. Z was very patient with Hadassah and let her have a couple of swings at the floor (a vinyl plank - supposed to be waterproof in case we ever get another flood...)

And that, my friends, is beautiful progress.

I will confess that it's been this way for awhile. Since our family vacation in July, in fact. So Hadassah and friends have been enjoying the play room - and Tim's nieces came down for a visit and used the guest room for the first time. But there a few final details (art work I'm working on) to be included before I reveal it with furniture.

Can't wait to post the official B&A of our basement! In the meantime...we're loving it and so glad it's where it's at!!!

Again - a big huge thank you to those of you who helped us DIY this project!


  1. I like the floor! We put laminate plank flooring in our basement. I love the look but its gotten a few dings in it already.

  2. Looking great! I LOVE vinyl planking! I think that was a really great choice!



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