Monday, November 5, 2012

Pumpkin Painting 2

It seems like yesterday that we painted last year's pumpkins. Back then I posted it late - as in we painted and I posted a few weeks later. Well this year, it's kinda the other way around. We painted late and I posted right.on.time. As in we did this a couple of hours ago. Not even sure if the paint is dry!!

(ok, it's dry. because i'm wearing a white shirt today. there's no way you'd catch me messing with moving around wet paint pumpkins to take pics if they weren't dry already...but back to the point...)

Back when everyone wasn't thinking about Christmas (and by everyone, I mean the stores) and fall decorating was still 'it', I bought these pumpkins with painting them in mind. Wouldjaknow until this afternoon I hadn't gotten around to it yet? In fact, my other gourds were starting to look a tad bit, er, moldy. Ew. Yuck. So as I whisked them into the garbage can, I noticed that a couple of small pumpkins were unaffected and calling out for some paint.

We answered that call.

My personal favorite? The front one. Hadassah did it between me laying out the paints, telling her "I'll be back in 5" as I scanned my sidebar for recent blog posts from my favs (is anyone else super eager to follow along with Layla & Kevin @ The Lettered Cottage as they cottage-ize their new house?!) and coming back 5.3 minutes later to paint with her. I was so proud of my girl! It looked lovely.

I'm pretty sure she was proud of it, too. She informed me that her art teacher (she had one art class at our Cultural Center a couple of weeks time deal...three she's a pro) told her to use small paint brushes and that's how to do it. And...that's how she did it! "That's why it's so pretty, mommy".

One last shot? Ok.

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  1. Great pumpkins! Next year, I'd like to try making designs by drilling holes in our pumpkins ~ the kids will love that :) Thanks for the link to the lettered cottage...awesome stuff!



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