Saturday, November 17, 2012

This, That and Other Random Things

Ready for some 'Random with Jen'? Here it goes...

*** You know what's incredibly beautiful? Frost. This morning I took Gus for a walk and saw the most amazing frost on the grass. God does lovely things with His creation!

*** I'm really liking paper tape. Really. Liking.

*** One of the best memories of October was a beach picnic with Tim and Hadassah. It happened to be on the most beautiful days of fall. Here are a couple of shots of our day:

*** Scenic train rides on a cold day requires a coat. But if one forgot ones coat, one must have ones husband run back to the car to find a blanket. And then once the train ride is done, hot chocolate and Saturday comics are in order.


*** Attending an ordination is such a blessed experience. Tim's former seminary-mate received a call to a church plant near Nippissing, Ontario, and we went to his ordination this past Friday. We were reminded that we wear Calvary Armour - complete armour, given to us by Christ Himself - and that God will equip us for all things. Rob and Taun, we pray that you will always remember this, as you start this new service for the King!

*** I've learned something. Trying to grow a pretty lawn when you own a dog is frustrating work. Especially when cats wander into your yard resulting in a full out chase. While humorous to watch, it does nothing for your new, fresh baby grass trying to make a go of it. Poor baby grass.

*** Old houses are a lot of work. Everyone warned me and I believed them. Truly I did. But I didn't know. Now I know. But it's ok, because...

*** Old houses are a lot of great. And tweaking this old house of ours is just so much fun. I love having a morning free so I can paint a wall with chalkboard paint. More on that another day.

*** Meeting people who read my blog is a fascinating experience. The fact that you come back time and again to catch up on us can be baffling. I can only hope that in the midst of family tidbits, house updates and other randomness that the common thread of God's grace to this undeserving individual is evident. For how useless would this blog be if it didn't reveal the wonder of God and His glory!

*** I pulled out my wedding dress and veil the other day.

*** Daughters (and sons, I'm sure, although I can't speak from experience) grow up way too fast. Another thing that everyone told me. And I believed them. But now I know and continue to learn. That sweet little girl in the picture up there is coming close to being 5 years old. Five. FIVE!!! While I wouldn't wish to stop right here (every stage has it's greatness), I do want to savor the days. The moments. The hugs and kisses. The girl.

And there you have it. Randomness. This and that. Today's rendition of 'Random with Jen'.

Until next time! Wishing you a wonderful Lord's Day tomorrow.


  1. Sweet post :) You know, we've lived in St.Thomas for almost 15 years and have NEVER rode the Port Stanley train?! It's been on "the list" for a while and we've just never gotten around to it. Some day....have a wonderful week Jen :)

  2. :) Loved the beach pictures . . .and the rest of the randomness:) . . . AND we LOVE our Ikea light. Very fun.



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