Monday, December 3, 2012

Bedroom Art Sidetrack

I left you with a view of my chaotic bedroom in the last post. It's entirely besides the point to mention that it's even messier now, but I'll just put it out there for fun. The real point of this post is to show you a little project that I did in the midst of my big projects. Bedroom art.

Our bedroom received a coat of paint, some new curtains and some rather handy reading lights this past summer. And now I've checked off one of three walls that were asking for art. When I blogged about the updates here, I had asked for some advice on what to put above the bed, if anything at all. Someone suggested a large monogram, as seen here. And I loved the idea!

The only thing was....the price. Not that they're a bad price, but add shipping and on top of that, shipping to Canada (the shipping price never, ever, ends up being 'just' the shipping price...). So I went with the next best thing: DIY.

After scrounging around in my fonts, I found a 'B' I rather enjoyed. I whipped out some leftover kitchen cupboard paint and one of Hadassah's paint brushes and went to town. Then I took a small "T" and "J" I bought at Hobby Lobby absolutely ages ago and sprayed on a coat or so of ORB spray paint. Two nails to hang our initials and two rather paint covered hands later, I had this:

Ah. Something on my walls! Tim liked it right away and I must say, I was rather loving the end result myself.

And have I mentioned that I really love these Ikea lights? $14.99 each. Steal I tell ya. Couldn't have found new lamps for the nightstands for that price. Me thinks Hadassah will be getting the same light for her bedtime reading set-up...

While I still love the look of the monograms @ Southern Nest, there's something about working with what you've got and coming up with your own version.  

Do you have any DIY's lately? Love to hear about it!

PS: I may or may not have made my bed this morning just to take these shots. And I may or may not have realized that I haven't made my bed in a number of days due to the rest of the chaos in the room. And...I may or may not have sighed a little sigh of relief for having some order in the midst of craziness. :) Woohoo for a made bed!!!!

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