Monday, November 26, 2012

More on Present

I mentioned that Hadassah's room was having a crack in the wall and a portion of a squishy ceiling repaired, right?

Did I also mention that we are simultaneously working on my office? Here's a look at the yet to be drawn on chalkboard wall, (mentioned here) but if you can manage to take your eyes off of it's lovliness (ok, ok...if it doesn't put a goofy grin on your face and give you a moment of delight as it does for me, it's alright. I understand. Sorta.), you'll notice that there's something missing. Something kinda important to an office.

Mmm hmmm, that's right. No desk.

Anyway, I'll just leave your mind guessing on that one...while I direct you to a picture of another room on our upper level. Because when two other rooms are having some issues taken care of - all at the same time - the stuff has to go somewhere! And that somewhere? our bedroom.

Oh the stuff everywhere.

But I shan't complain. Because so far, everything's been going so well. I've been working hard at getting things done and I have lots to do yet...but I really truly enjoy all this decorating stuff that a fixed crack in the wall or a printer location that doesn't make any sense - those things look like opportunities to me. Opportunity's to have fun! Organize. Tweak until it does make sense.

Ah, love it.

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