Saturday, November 24, 2012

Living Room Camp-Out

My husband said I cheated. 10 potential blog posts rolled into 1. (2 posts ago)

He says cheat. I say coverage. Clever. Compact. I hope you agree. But if not, this post covers only one fine topic: Camping out.

She's done it once on her own, in an actual tent in the dining room. But this time, daddy offered to camp out with her. And this time mommy made the tent. And this time it was in the living room.

I suggested marshmallows over the woodstove fireplace, but it was getting late. So reading books by flashlight was the next best thing. I snapped a couple of shots before the lights went out. 

Gus wasn't too impressed. His bed is the blue blanket drapped at the end of Hadassah's bed. (Yes indeed folks, you read that correctly - he sleeps on her bed. What's the point in a best friend if they can't have sleepovers every night? ;) So when he was kicked to the end of this bed? Well...his eyes say it all.

Check out that grin. Hadassah loved this daddy time!

 As I crept off to a bed all to myself (ahhh... ;), I took one last shot of the campsite...

And then I got asked to please come back and turn the lights one wanted to get out of their tent to turn them off themselves.

The next morning I came downstairs and looked at the chaos that was our living room and said "what a disaster." (because mommy wasn't only in charge of putting up the tent...) But Tim grinned at me and said "it's not a disaster, it's memories".

True that. 

It'll be the kind of memory that in a few months Hadassah will pipe up from the backseat of the car, or from snack time at the table (after being quiet for a long time) and say "Mommy, do you remember when Daddy and I camped out in the living room"? And I'll smile and say "I sure do".

So even though big messes sometimes make my brain hurt and my blood pressure rise a notch, I know I need to take a deep breath and just relax. Great memories are better than 100% tidy.


  1. Awesome, Jen! Really liked Tim's comment of "it's not a disaster, it's memories..." I'll have to remember that one! :)

    Still loving your blog - I don't comment every time (obviously), but I always enjoy!

  2. Awesome memories. LOL @ face. ever!



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