Monday, January 9, 2012

Tenting in Winter? Sure!

A few days ago I got the urge. The "wow this place is a mess" urge to clean, purge and organize. Where, might you ask? Well...the basement. And not the play room, because it's torn to shreds and in the middle of an unexpected re-model (more on that another day), but the storage part of the basement.

It was energizing.

When the urge comes and I let it have it's way, I'm always grateful. I even kinda enjoy it. Weird, eh?

Anyway, I ran across a tent that my husband brought into our marriage. Said tent hasn't seen the light of day since we were married just over 6 years ago and probably not for years before that. We have another tent that we've vacationed with, so I phoned my husband and asked him if this possession of his could head it's way over to Bibles for Mission.!

This tent holds memories, I guess. Him and his buddy used it for a vacation in Florida and it's small and perfect for Hadassah.

Ok. I'll pack it away for you to camp outside with her this summer...I'm sorry, could you repeat that?...what do you mean now?'s way too cold outsi...oh...really? my dining room?...are you SURE you can't wait until summer?!

The result? A weekend of chaos in my dining room and two nights where Hadassah 'camped out'. We even roasted marshmallows for her in our fireplace. She didn't eat 'em. They were burned. But we roasted marshmallows and she was happy. I wish I would've taken more pictures, but the only one I took was this one, to demonstrate the craziness this camping out thing caused:

 And of course, in the midst of chaos, I insisted that the roller blinds in the living had to go once and for all!! Away with them!! See how they are at different levels? This happened Every. Single. Time. Grrr - drove me nuts! 
Out came the sewing machine, a leftover panel from the curtains in the dining room, and voila. Cuter, cozier curtains. 
 Despite the chaos and disorder of my dining room (and kitchen and living room), I do believe Hadassah has some sweet memories of daddy's tent idea. Because sometimes making memories is scads more important than keeping your house tidy! And sometimes just getting down and doing it (eg: sewing curtains that you've wanted to replace for aaages) is so incredibly worth it.


  1. haha, so funny! i unexpectedly had the urge to completely clean out and organize my studio last week. it took a good day and a half. i'm thinking the new year brought it on perhaps?? : )

  2. You're probably right - there IS something about the New Year - maybe it's the fact that magazines and stores always feature organizing stuff for January?!

  3. Jen, I brought loads to Goodwill last week (including 10 bags of Chris's books!). Feels so good!
    Cute curtains! Hope you guys are doing well!

  4. Love the tent in the dining room! I am glad she had fun camping and roasting marshmallows in the middle of winter.
    I have been decluttering the last couple of days too. I have a giant bag for Bibles for Missions.

  5. that is my kind of camping!! :)

    -kristen k.



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