Saturday, January 7, 2012

All in an Afternoon's Work

Here's the thing.

We have this dog. After having him for officially one year this week, I am happy to say that he's a great dog. Hadassah's best friend. My walking companion. Never barks. Finally gets "sit" and always obeys "go to your bed".

But the thing? He likes shoes. Or rather, he likes to eat shoes. We've learned the hard way. Over and over again. And fiiiiinally after weeks (maybe even months?!) of forgetting to put away our shoes only to come home to them torn to shreds, we got into the habit of slipping any pairs we're not wearing into the closet before we leave the house. (In fact, we've developed quite the "getting the house Gus ready" routine...because of a few other, much more minor!, things he likes to do...)

Until two days ago.

Was I rushing out the door? Coulda been. Was my mind totally preoccupied with where we were going? Probably. Whatever happened, my mind slipped and oopsy daisy...! Left my slippers out. No serious, can't-tell-what-this-used-to-be damage done. But still. Enough to be super annoying.

Then I remembered that I've been seeing people "re-do" shoes a lot online. What?!?! Really?!?! You're spray painting your shoes and drawing designs on them with Sharpies? Huh.

Then I had another thought. Jen, didn't you buy some fabric glue awhile back? Yes Jen, you did! Now Jen. Where did you put it?

(insert exhaustive fabric glue search here)

Aha! Found it. Grab a fun scrap of material, some leather ribbon you happened to have in your stash and away you go Jen. Re-do some shoes!

Resulting in this:

Ah. Much better.

What's that Gus?! You don't like it when I wag my finger at you and smile with triumph?!?!Well this time buddy, I won the shoe battle. Ha!

And may this afternoon of work be a reminder that although it was fun crafting a new look for my slippers, for pity's sake PUT AWAY ALL SHOES!!!!


  1. Hahaha... those are AWESOME Jen!! Love them!

  2. Wow I love them! My thought was leave it to Jen to find an awesome diy way to fix her slippers.

  3. THAT is impressive!!



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