Monday, January 9, 2012

Last Month

Pictures. They accumulate at a regular pace and with so much life happening, I don't necessarily share them all on here. So I thought I'd dedicate a post strictly to the stuff of December.

I know. That was so last year.

But since last year wasn't all that terribly long ago, perhaps you'd like a peek anyway??

In mostly chronological order...

...starting off with making cookies. Sugar cookies. With painted on icing. Do you see that grin?! That kid had oh so much fun! This kid, the one who had to finish the rest of the huge batch while she painted a tray full, well, I wavered between smiling at Hadassah's gleeful giggles and sighing over the mess and chaos. The smiling won out most of the time.

We were rolling the very first 'lump' of dough and she already has flour on her nose.


How she manages it, I do not know. But it was awfully cute.

Other baking adventures occured when Tim had his birthday at the beginning of the month.

Hadassah has been on a "family craft" kick lately. While the first shot is simply of her and her homemade Kool-Aid play-dough (I classify that as a craft in itself, don't you? especially when it included sparkles), the next three are more what she has in mind when she talks "family".

Then there was the closet space management, which you can read about here.
And then we have a couple of Christmas-esque shots. Here is one of the crafts that Hadassah and I made for Daddy as one of his gifts. Two puzzles. One of a picture of daddy & his girl - and another one of a picture Hadassah drew of the two of them playing pirates with Gus. She loved making it. He loved opening it.

Here is a very poorly lit picture of Christmas dinner, which I must say, turned out soooo delish! We had leftovers for days. (found a great recipe for leftover ham here).
LoveloveLOVE this shot of Hadassah, when she opened her Blueberry Muffin doll. A couple of days earlier she received a Strawberry Shortcake doll as a gift and with it came a little picture frame of Strawberry on one side and Blueberry on the other. Hadassah concluded that they were best friends, and so I thought Blueberry Muffin might be appreciated. She was. (oh wait...this is of her opening Lemon Meringue...who was also very appreciated. Those three are inseparable!)
These are Christmas-y only because this is the first time she got to embark on the journey of Finger Painting - another one of her gifts from us.

And slowing things down in the number-of-photos department (I promise we're coming to an end soon!), here is a general shot of the relaxing goofiness that happened over the holidays.
The end. Is next. Promise. For a long time I had newspapers hanging on the wall going up the stairs. Did we have any guests that didn't comment on it? Nope. Don't think so. It required this explanation: I'm doing a photo collage. Every newspaper is cut out in the shape of a frame I own that's ready to be put up there, and I fiddled with the newspapers to figure out what goes where. Brilliant, right? Can't take credit. Go pinterest! At any rate, all newspaper is finally off my wall!! Woot!! Final result?:

Disclaimer: By "final", I mean finally up on the wall. This does not mean that photographs, scrapbook paper and possibly even the number of frames will remain the same. It WILL change. I can guarantee it. But for now, I am satisfied with no newspaper. And look at that, you got a peek at some of my wintry decor too.

So. I can't wait to show you what Tim and I did today. I won't yet. I like to keep you on your toes. But let's just say, I've pinned this project a couple of times and have said "I must do this" so often. And now, it's almost complete and blog post ready.

Can you handle the anticipation?!?!

ps: another good read at girltalk.


  1. Love the hand craft! Great job, Hadassah!
    I think Hadassah would love to come play with the boys. They are currently playing in the mud outside. She could pretend it was fingerpaint! :-)

  2. I could "pinterest" all over this post. I love what you've done to your home. I should probably come see it in person some time soon! Any Friday nights availabe in the next few months? :)



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