Monday, December 24, 2012

Have a Blessed Christmas!!

Even when "simple" is your game plan for the holidays, there still seems to be a ton to do. Toss in your husbands birthday, a random trip to Ikea followed by some assembly of furniture, a great overnighter at a brother and sister-in-laws house, and working at filling out the paperwork for an adoption application and man - your blog takes back burner status!

I am a fan of Christmas cards, especially the photographic kind. But this year I simply could not get my act together enough to pull off getting them printed in time. So here's this year's electronic version. Less personal, but sent out with as much love...


We hope you know the wonder that is Christ the Lord, humbling Himself to come down from heaven to this world of sin, to be our Savior! Have a blessed Christmas, friends. 

Did you catch how I slipped in that whole adoption thing? I'll expand on that sometime in the New Year. We are wrapping up getting together everything we need for the application and hope to hand it in very soon. We're excited, scared and trusting in God's timing and wonderful love. Your prayers are appreciated! 

Until the New Year! Have a wonderful week...


  1. Yes, I got the adoption hint:)
    That is just wonderful!!!
    Last Christmas, we were busy filling out adoption forms, and this Christmas we a awaiting one final signature from the judge to finalize the adoption of our precious little boy!
    Wishing you much patience and strength during your adoption process. The Lord has said, "that which ye do for the least of these my little ones, that ye do for me also." (I didn't look up the words from Matt. 24, i just wrote from memory, and therefore i may have not quoted exactly)
    I think this is wonderful, and hope and pray that all may go smoothly for you.

  2. Merry Christmas Tim and Jen! Happy to hear the adoption paperwork has come out again. :) Praying God will grant you the desires of your heart!
    Bud and Lisa

  3. couldn't help but comment :). i'm a stalker on your blog - and always enjoy reading it. thanks for many wonderful ideas for my home :).
    my reason for commenting is that little line about adoption! so VERY excited for you!! we were at this stage 4 years ago, & brought home our son a year later :). it's a process with ups and downs, but 3 years later, we know we'd do it all over again in a heartbeat! praying for you as you move forward in this - and looking forward to hearing how God grows your family!

  4. Yep... caught the slip-it-in. We'll be praying for you guys as you begin this journey! :)
    (Love the pics and what not for Tim's birthday!)



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