Friday, March 15, 2013

Dear Spring

We are so very much looking forward to your arrival. The hints and teases being thrown our way are tantalizing. Tulips poking their way through the dirt. Proof of warmer temperatures by way of mud on our boots. And paws. Sunshine streaming into the kitchen in the mornings, showing off the dust that falls on the oven overnight. Ok, well, that's kinda annoying. But it's not you, it's me! So don't stay away due to oven dust. Please.

We've put away any winter decorations that might offend. Good-bye mossy/snowy cone trees on my mantal. Hello yellow blossoms.

Good-bye winter chalkboard quote. Hello yellow blooms. Good-bye evergreen anything. Hello bright fabric pendant. Bring on the cheer!

And spring? I appreciate the itch you give me. The itch to organize. My pantry has already benefited. My cupboards thank you! And those baskets in the living room holding blankets and toys? They just make so much more sense than wire baskets that collect dog hair like bees to honey. It was you, spring. All you.

Can't wait, spring. Can't wait to open my doors (and windows) wide to let you in. I'll be as patient as I can be when it comes to muddy paws. Promise. Just come, spring.


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