Monday, March 18, 2013

Egg Cartons & Dirt

Seeds & water.

If the result of writing a letter to spring is waking up to a couple of inches of snow the next day, then I will submit. I won't venture outside yet.

But that doesn't stop me from planning my garden.

(It helps that I've also had a whole winter to mentally and physically prepare for the battle against the squirrels. And rabbits. And whatever living creature abides under our shed. I will win! I promise you, you cute little creatures).

So on a sunny afternoon, Hadassah and I got down to business preparing.

It started with a sketch. My "in a couple of years" plan is to add another raised bed - but first I need to figure out if I can conquer the squirrels & rabbits first. In the meantime, here's the plan:

I've been hoarding some egg cartons for awhile (a tip from Pinterest). We lined the tops with aluminum foil (thanks to advice from this blog post), put the bottoms inside and got the bag of dirt ready to go.

Hadassah was more than eager to help out. Especially the dirt part!

Once the carton was full of dirt, we poked holes in each 'egg' spot, dropped the seeds in and covered them up.

As we designated certain rows for certain veggies, I decided we need something crafty to keep track of what was where. Because this whole having a green thumb thing - is really not me. Those seeds would start to make an appearance and I'd have no clue what's what. So I pulled out some popsicle sticks and paper tape to make some markers... a variety of colors, of course!

I think they look rather lovely sitting in front of the sunniest window.

Which is, in fact, hard to find in our house! At least on the main floor. We have a ton of windows, but between the way the sun makes its way across the sky and the number of windows beneath a covered porch, there's really only one window option.

But they look pretty there, don't they?

Our fingers are crossed that my black thumbs don't kill these wee little seeds. Here's hoping they grow up to be great additions to our dining routine this summer!

There you have it, spring. We'll wait for you. Even though we have to wait a little bit longer, that's ok. There's plenty to do while we wait...

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