Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Progression of an Art Gallery Wall

Hey there! 

Remember this post? When I mentioned that Hadassah's room was being repaired due to the leaky chimney? Well, it was fixed, received a fresh coat of paint on the walls, a brightening white coat of paint on the floor, (yes, you read that right!) and finally this past weekend we got around to putting up the art gallery wall I've been hoarding frames & canvases for.  See the hoarding that's been taking place? And while you're at it, take a look at that floor. it's dirty. downside of white. but...it's so pretty... Oh! And check out her new bed! (what?! new bed?! more on that in another post...)

Unfortunately, I didn't take a before picture. Or if I did, it's on my other computer and I haven't switched any picture files over yet. (by the way - that's one of my excuses for lack of posts lately! hopefully you think it's as good as a reason as I do) But I did make a fun little progressive image for ya! First, though, let's check out what Hadassah did while Tim and I figured out the what-goes-where of the art gallery. She had some washi tape, some recycled items, some toys and made a "car" for her favorites - leaving a nice little hallway mess. But it kept her busy and that kept me happy.

About that moving image. Would you like a viewing? Let me explain what I did first, just for fun. I originally took all of the frames and canvases and laid them out on the floor to arrange and re-arrange. I then took pictures of the different layouts. There's something about seeing it in a photograph that helps me get a grasp on how it'll look in the end. Far better than looking at it with the human eye. 

But that wasn't quite enough for me. I wanted to be sure the layout was what I wanted. I spent a lot of time painting those just fixed walls and I didn't want a mass of holes if I could help it. Out came a roll of packing paper, a marker and a pair of scissors. I cut out the shape of each piece of art and then Tim and I taped them all up on the wall to get the picture. (ha! catch that? 'get the picture'? ok.) And so the, without further hints, shall we have a little looksee? 

Gotta love Tim's contribution, eh? 

He was, in fact, super necessary to the whole process. Thanks honey! 

Did it work? My art gallery wrapped around the corner? What do you think? I've seen the whole corner gallery thing a couple of times on Pinterest and loved it. Keep in mind that there will probably be either two of those dressers under the art, or one wider one. So things aren't finished yet! Sure, we've got painted floors, art on the wall (finally!), the smaller version of Ikea's dandelion light cause we love it so, and a new bed. But with our adoption process under way, I've been making some decorating decisions based on a two person occupancy. (yeah, that's me grinning as I write that!) 

Anyway - there you have it. Hadassah's Art Gallery Wall. A couple more shots are in order...this one giving you a better view of the painted floor...

 And this one zoning in...

But guess what? I didn't stop there with the wall art! A couple of days after this was done, I had a little bit of fun with a round sponge and a sample can of paint. Care for a hint? Okay...see if you can spot it...

Until next time...!


  1. The room looks great! How did you do the floor? I love painted floors - that nice cottagey feel.

    1. Thanks! :)

      I used Benjamin Moore's Porch & Floor paint, which is great because there's no priming and no top protection coat needed. And I didn't even sand, although the finish on her hardwood was so worn down already...thus the need for some type of new flooring. Painting ended up being the cheapest.

  2. very nice! I like the spots too! very exiting - adoption!? can't wait to hear more! (please?!) :-)


  3. I. Love. That. Bed! I have been looking for a twin sized iron bed. Where did you get it?!!?

    1. It's from Ikea actually!....in the kids section. :) It's kinda cool because you can make it a toddler size and later on let the bed grow with the kid into a twin size. But it'd be pretty low for an adult...??

    2. Oh, it's great! I think I'm going to order it! :) Thanks Jennifer!

  4. I love how the room has turned out!
    Like the new layout to your blog too! How did you do the slideshow of pictures? Super cool :)

    1. Thanks Jenny!

      Yeah - the blog layout is a temporary change. I like it but don't love it yet. Soon. :)

      And the slideshow. Hmm. I googled it, but forget which site I used, I think there are a couple out there. You just load up the images you want in the image and they put it together for you! Super easy. :)



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