Monday, May 20, 2013

15 Min Chair Update

There are several things you could do with a spare 15 minutes. Grab a book. Weed the garden. Thoroughly wipe down the kitchen cupboards. Yup - I mean those crumbs behind the canisters that you've ignored for a month.

Or you could turn a really disgusting (as in I can't believe I'm showing all of you this grossness) chair from this:

To this:

I love how taking before pictures at night with terrible lighting makes the after pictures, taken on a sunshiny morning, seem so much nicer! Although can't get more yucky than this chair seat. When I originally found this chair at a thrift store down the road and covered it, it was lovely. Great fabric. But I'm not much of a spot cleaner. Apparently. Oh yuck.

And when ya just can't stand it anymore, you wisely use 15 minutes to whip off that chair seat and recover it.

Wait until morning light to snap a picture or two...

...for even better results. Just the fact that it's clean again is a great improvement in my books. I love what you can get accomplished in 15 minutes!


  1. Love it. It's amazing what you can do with a small amount of time! :)

    1. thx Sarah! Sometimes I forget that some projects take hardly any time at all...and I put them off and put them off...get around to doing them and then wonder why I kept putting it off! :)

      Hey - any suggestions on where to go in PEI? We're headed there for vacation this summer...



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