Wednesday, May 29, 2013

That Crazy|Annoying Dog

There's something about praying that get the "kids" in our house going. And it's the quirkiest thing!

When Hadassah was much younger, as soon as Tim pulled the Bible out to do our family devotions after dinner she'd start. Start folding her hands and listening? No siree. She'd start fussing. Crying. Squirming. Moaning and groaning and straining to get out of her high chair. It took conversations with other parents whose kids did the same thing to make us sigh in relief that it wasn't just us!

Thankfully, Hadassah has outgrown that. With the exception of some occasional squirming.

But somehow she's passed it on. To none other than...

...her dog!!!

For several months now, our Bible would close as we finished off dinner devotions, we'd fold our hands and Tim would start to pray.

And it would start.

He'd whine. He'd squirm. He'd run around and around the table with loud "tick tick tick tick tick tick"'s against the hardwood floors, pausing briefly to look out the patio door before his next round. This time, he'd trot around our kitchen peninsula, heading for the front door. A quick glance must've confirmed that nothing was out of the ordinary there and so he'd speed on over around the table again to end his round with a long whine at the patio door.

Every. Single. Time.

We've had several discussions as to what it could be. "Daddy, maybe he doesn't like your prayers!" Yes, I suppose that's a possibility. But then we started calling out some prayer "catch phrases"...some things Tim repeats often. And we've narrowed it down, folks. For whatever reason, Gus is keenly attracted to the words "Heavenly Father".

No resemblance to "squirrel", "outside", "walk". Nothin'! And so it's official.

Our dog is crazy. 

Also crazy annoying during prayer time. But we got smart.

We let him outside before family devotion time.


  1. Have you ever read Jan Karons Mitford series?
    Father Tim had to recite bible verses to calm his dog Barnabas down!

  2. Glad my house isn't the only one noisy during devotion time :)



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