Thursday, July 18, 2013

Once again I've teased you with instagram pictures but no posts! What can I say? Vacation and vacation catch-up. Two delightful chunks of time, one always following the other in a highly necessary way.

One delightful thing that's happened - one of the most recent things even - is that we've had family pictures taken by Julianna of Red Rubber Studio. Tuesday night we headed to St. Thomas and smiled away despite sweltering heat. She did an awesome job - I love 'em! - and you can have a peek if you like. Check them out at their blog here.

One glance? Ok...

Thanks Julianna, for capturing our family. I can't wait to get them in frames! It's a good thing my very own Target is now open...


  1. Beautiful family pics, Jen! How will you ever choose which ones go into frames?? They are all fantastic!

  2. wow! Jen those a beautiful! I don't know you well but I do look at them and think they are so you! enjoy hanging them up, although I agree, I don't know how you'll be able to pick :)



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