Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summer Summary

Summer. Following a superbly busy spring, it came. It pounced on us at the end of June when we ventured out on our family vacation, road-tripping it to PEI. (more on that later...) And then we returned home.

What I thought was the feeling of vacation catch-up kicked into high gear at that point. Getting projects done around the house, organizing summer events, attending summer events. But since that feeling hasn't really ended yet, I'm going to assume that it isn't 'vacation catch-up' after all! It's simply 

Life blessed by people to share it with, events to celebrate and a home to manage. It is a pleasure to enjoy the things in life that God gifts to us.

So in an effort to roll much of one summer into one neat and tidy package post for all of you, how about presenting you with The Summer Summary.

*** We've Travelled ***
Destination:  Prince Edward Island
Views Along the Way:  Ontario | Quebec | New Brunswick | Maine | New Hampshire | Massachusetts | New York 
*** We've Stayed Home ***
Our vacation was wonderful - the travelling having gone smoothly, the weather co-operative and the destination so enjoyed! But once back, we've spent a lot of relaxing early mornings on our porch, evenings hanging out together and projects getting completed started around the house. Some of those involved paint. Some of those involve a hammer and drill. 
 *** We've Reunited ***
Family reunions seems to be a common summer event - this year I had the fun of organizing one with a cousin of mine for my dad's side of my family. I took on a little project of scanning in old family photos for display at the reunion and I want to share my absolute favorite shot. My dad is the one reading the book at the table, bottom right.  
*** We've Learned ***
Hadassah's had a couple weeks of swimming lessons. She's also started piano lessons this summer. Tim and I have learned, too! Some things tough, other things time consuming. One thing was how to very slowly build porch stairs. Still working on that one...
*** We've Run ***
Big one for me: I finished the Couch to 5K!!! Last week my running partner and I ran the last 30 minute run of the program - and were SO thrilled and excited to say we made it that far!!! It's one of the hardest yet most rewarding things I've done so far in terms of physical exercise. And about time, too. When someone asked me the other day if I felt healthy, I could grin and say "Yes! The most I've ever felt in my life!" Tim's also given the C25K a start, and Hadassah has asked me to run with her a couple of times too. We get around the block and she's "so tired" (said bent over with hands on knees in the cutest way...), but she loves it! 
*** We've Been Interviewed ***
While I haven't written a post yet about the big adoption hint from several months ago, it's not due to a lull in the process. We've completed our Home Study interviews a week ago and are waiting for it to be typed up and signed off. Nerves & excitement mingle. 
*** We've Visited & Been Visited ***
Family and friends. Hadassah and I made a trip to the Niagara region to get some friends visits in. We've had family over recently and thoroughly enjoyed them. There have been play dates and girls nights and BBQ's. 
*** We've Day-Tripped ***
There was St. Jacob's Farmer's Market yesterday, Safari Niagara a week or so ago, and if the weather warms up again, there will be a beach visit yet. 
*** We've Eaten Ice Cream ***
Gobs of it. :)
And then there have been a couple of those days of nothingness. Not quite enough of those days - I hope to squeeze in a couple of those in the last couple of weeks before school starts - but we've had them and enjoyed them. Lazy summer days. Ahhh. But there you go - the events of our summer in a nutshell. Has yours been a great one? Everyone has been claiming speeding bullets - that this summer is just flying by - but I hope in all that flying, there's been joy.

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