Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Peek at Paint

Hey there! Dropping in with a quick note on paint. Exterior paint, to be precise. And I want to say that I found the whole picking-exterior-paint-color thing a terrifying and unsettling experience.

Also. I ignored y'all. Remember when I had a poll a while back, asking for help on picking a color? Most of you voted for the browny-grey color. And for several weeks I agreed with you. But my gut, and then my sister, said "Green! Go with green!" So when the painter's asked for my final decision, I said ..... "green?" Yes - question mark and all!! ha!! Because oh how I was unsure.

I'm not 100% sure my gut was correct. Because our house is painted (yay! pictures soon...) and I really really like it. But I'm going to give myself sometime to fall in love with it. Maybe once I take some after pictures to show you? Anyway...I have a peek.

Just no green. :)

You've all seen my yellow front door, but I don't believe I've introduced you to my side entrance.

Wanna know the cool part? That odd little 'door' to the left of said side door? It's our mailbox! Love that our house is "so old" that it has a milk door. Love even more that someone had a genius moment and turned it into a mailbox. I don't even have to step out of doors even once on any given winter day - not even for the mail! Love that.

So there she is. I thought we'd use her often when we first moved here. I even strategically hung our key holder halfway between this door and the front door - it was one of the first things on our walls! But it eventually got moved since we only used the front door.

Anyway! My main motive for getting the exterior of our house painted was to pull things together a bit more. There's field stone, brick, siding, barn-like vertical siding, cedar shakes, two different siding colors, three trim colors. Phew! A lot happening on our house. So...I wanted to unify things a bit with color. And that also meant having all exterior doors painted the same color. The yellow front door had to go! And this door needed a paint job as well. My color? A delicious dark charcoal-y blue. After picture? Sure thing!

Isn't she lovely? I can't wait to show you the front door! I love it even more and that's saying a lot, because I certainly love the end result over here on this side of the house. How about a side-by-side...

Also notice the white trim around the door is no longer white! That was one of my paint choices I am 110% happy about - painting out 95% of the white around the house. The window and door frames blend much better now and I love the look, especially when looking at all of our here-&-there windows together. Pictures of that down the road...

And, since I was on a door painting kick one day, I also gave our shed a couple coats. Take a look:

Admittedly, I like the before too. It already received a refresh from the original-when-we-bought-the-house color. But I'm happy that things are 'coming together' in the color department.

Thing is, now that the painting is done (and I'm so grateful for our wonderful painters! They did a fabulous job!!), there are so many other things around the exterior that are screaming for help. But we're getting there. And like my sister reminded me - it'll never be done, (somehow she knows me well...) so we need to learn to be content with the journey and enjoy the process. So true.

What about you? Any exterior work done this summer?


  1. that blue! That rock on your house is pretty amazing...and the mailbox? Awesome. I'm interested to see that you didn't paint the white moulding on your door. I've been trying to figure out if I should leave ours white or paint it the same color as the door?

    1. I know Stac - I wasn't sure about that, so I left it. The thing is, I can't get behind the screen I don't think, in order to paint the rest of the white out, so I decided leaving it would do for now. That might change yet in the future, though...



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