Saturday, August 31, 2013

Chalkboard Paint Strikes Again

There are several projects on the go here at home. The front porch needs finishing - we're getting close! The side yard needs re-arranging. The main floor closet has been pulled apart for a paint job and things have yet to get put back in.

There's the weeding. Gardens and driveway both.

And then there's the main floor bathroom. Technically we haven't started that one yet beyond the purchase of a mirror, but I've got big plans for it!

In the middle of all the chaos, what does Jen decide to do? Keep plugging along at one of those projects so she can officially check it off as complete?

That would make far too much sense. Way too practical. And smart.

Instead, she pulled out the chalkboard paint. Started another project.

Good thing this was a quickie!'s complete.

Two doors in this house remain un-lovely. (as in flat and boring and not original or added later by us for the purpose and reason of character)! Both of those doors have bathrooms on the other side of them. And so in the spirit of feeling like I've at least started on the main floor bathroom, I gave the front of the door a couple coats of paint, bought a new knob for Tim to install and called it a day.

A good day! 'Cause I like it...

I'm gonna have fun changing it out, folks! I've already thought of a couple ideas for fall. Perhaps a "To-Do" checklist for autumn? Like this. Or perhaps a wordsearch. Like this.

While we're on that topic - is anyone else getting the itch to decorate for fall? I'm thoroughly enjoying the end of summer, but hot apple cider, colorful leaves, pumpkins and mums are sounding more and more delightful.

Leaving you with a link to the story behind the quote I chose this time around. Here.

And - since I listened to the story with Hadassah and she of course asked about the song - I looked it up on YouTube so she could hear it. While searching I discovered Dave's Highway. Love their Mississippi accept! And the fact that they're singing in front of their fireplace. So...thought I'd share that


  1. It is well is one of my favourite songs. The link on the history of this song I found very interesting. It reminded me of the life of Job. By the way, I love the door too!

  2. Love the door! I would agree...we are excited about the quickly approaching fall season :). I received a burgundy mum as a gift on Friday and I can hardly wait for all those reasons we love fall!



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