Monday, October 7, 2013

A Date with Hadassah @ Safari Niagara

This summer Hadassah and I had a day between scheduled visits up in the Niagara region. Having lived there for my high school and college years I always have a number of people to visit when I make it up there! But this time my plans left a wide open day where Hadassah and I could just hang out - and we had a great day. Here are a few pictures from our Safari Niagara adventure...

These goats were some of the first animals we saw up close. And they were certainly not the most rare or exotic species. But after this my camera came out only once in awhile because I wanted to just have fun and enjoy the moments, instead of capturing all of them on camera and spending time trying to get the perfect shot. Anyone else feeling that now that the digital camera age is well seasoned?

Yet they are kinda cute, eh?

And this guy - he was quite possibly my favorite animal. When these guys eat out of your hand, your hand gets completely engulfed by tongue! And slobber! Yet it's such an experience because giraffe's are so unique. God was so creative! It was a great day to talk to Hadassah about how wonderful He is to show us His creativity each and every day, all around us.

The day turned out to be beautiful, despite a forecast of rain, and we both managed to stay un-cranky all day! (that should produce a 'wow' from anyone who knows us ;) It was a good day for Hadassah and I. Here's one of my favorite shots of the day:

I hope there are lots of mom & daughter dates like this in the future!

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