Monday, October 7, 2013

Country Living Fair >> Good Times !!

While I haven't subscribed to Country Living in a few years now, I remember when I first read about the Country Living Fair. It was described as the magazine in real life and while that was exciting to read, they needn't have told me that, for they had me at "Fair". 

I knew I had to go. 

Ok, "had" sounds so demanding, as if I'd never be happy if I couldn't go. Obviously, I could've lived without going to the Country Living Fair. But when my sister said she'd be happy to accompany me on this fun little road trip (Chatham Ontario to Columbus Ohio), there's no way I was going to refrain from grinning, getting giddy and making a happy overture to her about how exciting that was and thank you so very much! Country Living Fair? Check! 

After our adventure-less drive to Ohio and a decent sleep on the rather hard mattress of our luxurious roughing it glamping camping cabin, we drove into Columbus and settled into the longest line I've ever been in. Ever. (and it wrapped around almost twice this long around this fence!)

This was gonna be good!

And it was. It had such lovely booths and displays.

Loved this cabinet. Would've loved to take it home except I have no spot for it. Sigh.

And then there were the ideas! So much inspiration for things to try at home.

(loved those doorknob picture holders by Cash & Cari from RePurpose)

The amount of people blew me away. The amount of people tugging along wagons, carts, and little suitcases boggled my mind! Such wise people! Clearly they've done this sort of thing before. Next time time you can be one of those wise people!

And then there was the food. Mmm the food. Our favorite? ("Should we get the small one? Do you think it'll be enough?" Slight pause... "Uhhh, no. Let's get the big one.")

It was a busy, long day. But Country Living did a great job of making it truly lovely.

I did make a couple of purchases - one in particular I absolutely love. But more on that another time...
There is quite possibly no better way to have a sister's time out. Thanks Trac, for joining me and making it a fabulous, memorable trip!


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  1. Oh, that "she leaves a little spark wherever she goes"...would be PERFECT for Reeve's room!!! Looks like a great time!



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