Wednesday, October 2, 2013

An Autumn Entrance

I might have made an early purchase. Pumpkins? First week of September? During a heat wave? Yeah, that was me. The crazy autumn loving lady.

But let's be honest now, shall we? Who really loves summer better than fall?! 

Oh. You do? Well then. We'll have to chalk that up to one thing we don't have in common. Bummer! 

Yet nothing you say will change my mind because Fall is hands down my favorite season. And if I can mentally usher it in sooner than your average house-decorating-loving-female by making a pumpkin purchase, I will. 

The thing is, those pumpkins were lonely. So I bought a mum, pulled out a crate, arranged my pumpkins and crafted a wreath, resulting in my autumn entrance:

Oh Autumn. You are the coziest, loveliest of seasons. 

Personal fav? That wreath! I had high hopes of finding a great fall wreath at the Country Living Fair a couple of weeks ago (sooo loved CLF! - my sister and I made the trek) and while I found lots of inspiration, I didn't find anything I couldn't leave behind. I've been stashing some chevron fabric for 'the perfect project' and decided 'the perfect project' would probably never come along, so use it already, Jen! Some quick wrapping and pinning later, I had a great base. Then I grabbed some Indian corn I saved from last year, pulled out some burlap ribbon I snagged at Hobby Lobby, a mini chalkboard from World Market and some ribbon and lace I had laying around ("perfect project" syndrome...) and there ya have it. 10 minutes later she was up.

That little chalkboard says it all. Two words become a wish for everyone who comes knocking on our door and a means of sharing my sentiments regarding the turn of the season. 

So when you approach our newly painted porch (look! there's no no pink indoor/outdoor carpet nor is there any red!) you'll have this view...

When you reach the top of the stairs you'll see this and hopefully be able to admire the new front door color and no-longer-white trim...

And then you'll glance down and find peace in the form a door mat. Confirmation that you have indeed reached the Bergsma's...

Just for fun, I'll leave you with a view you will never, ever see. Because if someone comes a knockin' at our door, I promise you, there will be no calm Gus. He would most definitely be on all fours, his butt wiggling because his tail is moving so fast and he'll be prancing around the guest in sheer excitement. "Company! Yay! Someone to rub my belly and feed me bones perhaps?!"

Some guard dog, eh?

But that's ok with me. It just adds to the kind of entrance I hope to acheive no matter what the season is: Welcoming. 

ps: See that strip of discolored stone to the left of the door? A wall used to be there and the discoloration is leftovers from spray/foam insulation. Any suggestions on how to remove fully it from field stone would be oh so greatly appreciated! 

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  1. Love the chevron wreath! So striking against your beautiful front door.



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