Friday, November 29, 2013

New Print >> His Name Shall be Called...

Friends, Romans, country(wo)!! You are good at this!! I love it that some of you just can't help yourself and leave two Art Print suggestions. Someone, namely me, cannot wait to start using them to create some fun art. And by the way, you are all great encouragers!

So friendly readers? Thank you.

And don't forget to check back Tuesday to see who won!

While still grinning from your encouragement, I thought I'd let you know that another print has made its way to the shop. With a mere few weeks until Christmas, I'm sure the lot of you are starting to pull out the Christmas totes from the attic to decorate your homes. And if you have an 8x10 frame in need of some adornment, may I suggest:

This print came together entirely unexpectedly. I was playing around with some bulletin board ideas for the Advent season at our church and I got a bit, um, distracted. You'll find this bulletin board turned Art Print at SparrowJoy.

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