Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Our Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is so close for our American friends! I know we're missing out on a great spread and great friends by being here and not there this weekend - but it's thanks to those festive days off that we get to see the American's in our family this weekend. (watch out Andrew & Cherise...Avery might be staying on this side of the border! ;) 

I mentioned sharing some pictures of my Thanksgiving table, since it was fun coming up with the decoration this year! So I thought I'd do so while Thanksgiving is on your (American) mind. I grabbed something from the mantel, jars from the cupboard, candles from the coffee table centerpiece, ghords and mini pumpkins from one side table autumn display, leaves from another. Hadassah collected some nuts on our autumn strolls. And after a little Pinterest inspired napkin folding, I had a table I was pretty happy with. 

People have asked me what we've been eating off of since I sold my green dining table set AND my yard sale find/makeover. Would you believe me if I said the floor? Probably not, eh? So smart you are. We've been eating off of this World Market set...

(love it so far!! met my criteria in so many ways - it fits perfectly in the space, plus has extensions for the ends when we have company over - has character but no major lines that crumbs can get lost in - super happy girl right here! For the curious ones, here's a pic I found where you can sorta see the legs as the table sits in the background of chaos, most of which I've cropped out... :)

It turned out to be a great thing, buying this table shortly before Thanksgiving. We didn't have a lot of people at our table, (my parents joined us so, 5!) yet lots of decor. Add the plates of food and we were definitely needing those table extensions!

And those plates of food? So yummy! Makes me wonder if we should drive over the border to celebrate again tomorrow...!

Thankful for family, food a plenty and fun memories!

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  1. Jen...those napkins are impressive! Love the dining set...are the chairs leather or cloth? Looks like it was one cozy thanksgiving celebration :)



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